Everyone is allowed to rent a table at the fair.
Both companies and private sellers.

It is forbidden to sell cards and memorabilia at the fair without renting a table.

The cost per table is:
1 table = 300 sek
2 tables or more 250 sek /each

We need the following information about you.
Please send your booking to
Sellers name:
Company (if exists):
Numer of tables:
Other concerns:

Right of withdrawal on booking. If one gets obstructed or in any other way cannot participate at the fair, the following applies.
These rules apply when we arrange the fair voluntarily and do not want to risk massing costs due to late cancellations.

1. Full refund can only be obtained if cancellation is made no later than 60 days before the fair.

2. Half refund Available only if cancellation takes place no later than 30 days before the fair.

3. Booking on flyers These are not cancellable and here is no refund.